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May 11

I don’t know

hearing: Tetris
feeling: sore
wanting: sleep
New blogger.. Kinda confusing. Pretty neat. They have comment features, too. This stuff keeps getting better.. -clicks the preview button* Weeee -clicks hide preview*

Samantha was sick last night and altohugh she’s better tonight, she’s throwing tantrums like crazy. The dogs act as though they’re starving (Yea, right) and hound me when I eat.

This week’s busy. Cafe last night, work tonight and Thursday, tomorrow is the scholarship ceremony at school and Friday is Cold! That’s right, I am going! -bounces* Wendy’s dad bought tickets (We love you Wendy’s dad!).

Jack called tonight only I had just woke up from my nap and I was kinda bitchy. We’re waiting on my birthday and I just don’t want to talk to him. I don’t know what I am supposed to say other than “I’m still looking for a job.” I procrastinate way too much. -sigh*

I had an inpromptu interview with Trig’s, only they won’t be opening til after I’m gone. Guess I can’t work there, huh? -lmfao* I guess I need to be filling out applications left and right. It’s really lookign like I’ll need multiple jobs over the summer, and the summer isn’t that far away.

Ashe always blogs about me, and Rian and things I consider personal. Sometimes this bothers me, but her bad grammar bothers me worse. She bitches about how no one comments but really, why should be comment when she’s probably ranted the same thing at us previously in the day? She’s having issues with Mel again, and how can I nicely say I don’t want to hear them? Everyone needs to grow up a little, myself including because I know that I sometimes feed the fire.

Yea, I have French to do..

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