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Sep 25

I don’t care to make this..


Though I might do a bit of begging.

For starters, visit the lady who owns this site: Drowsy Romancer. Though it’s “only” a blog, it’s well written and the layout intrigues me. I like it quite a bit, I do.

Then, take some time to show me your love and vote for me here here here here here and here.

My internet has been a bit dodgy today. Programs which need to connect to download things (files, updates, etc) won’t connect and Firefox cannot open new pages but AIM and MSN seem to work fine, which is a bit annoying. I’m just too lazy to unplug everything, which will probably fix it, so I talk to Rian until it works again.

I have plan for a new site, an icon site to be exact. I’m not sure that this interests mosts because few, if any, of you chat at The Pork but I will be putting up a few pages there before revamping/overhauling the other icon site for TTB which will be quite a lot of work because my host “lost” a file of mine which actually contained dozens of pages and years of work. Oh well. My fault, at least partly, for not keeping back ups.

I suppose I should have a backup of this site but, since I’m paying, my host can back up most anything. d=

I’m too tired to actually type anything more than: Have a good day!

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