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Dec 08

I Do Stuff

Life since we moved to San Antonio has been quiet. Well, that’s not looking at the whole story. Life since I’ve lived with Ryan has been quiet. This is not always a bad thing, although sometimes it does get lonely. I certainly miss my friends and family. So, when I was in Wausau, I made sure to see them and I even got to get out of the house a few times.

For example, Wendy I took Samantha with Robyn and Ashley and their little cousin to see the Central Wisconsin Children’s Theatre production of Willy Wonka which was super cute and a lot of fun.

I went bowling with Ashe, Sami and Sami’s friends which was a hoot. Anyone want to know how to get 6 people into a Saturn Ion?!

I went out to drink with Fernie and her boyfriend, ran into an old friend from school and finished off the night with Wendy, Sav and Sav’s boyfriend at a new bar downtown.

I played Monopoly until 3 in the morning with Ashe and her friends, got an industrial piercing in my left ear and had my hair cut, coloured and highlighted.

I intended to relax after my little break and have done so, for the most part. Today I went with my mother and sister in law to movie and a dinner. We saw Four Christmases which was much better than expected.

So, there! I do stuff!

One comment on “I Do Stuff”

  1. Ahhh, I love Monopoly! I can never find people to play with me anymore because I always want to trade and barter for property and they never want to let me get a full set.

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