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Oct 23

I Compartmentalize the Internets

First off, there’s a new featured link for you to check out. I advise you do it, now. Now, on to the show.

I do a lot of things online. I have several sites, I participate at forums, I play games, I chat, I work with icons, I check Facebook/Myspace periodically, I write reviews, I roleplay and I enter giveaways just to give you a brief rundown. The funny thing is, there isn’t a whole lot of overlap in all these things. I sort of compartmentalize all my interests and only discuss the vast array of them with a few “priviliged” invidividuals.

For instance, I may IM people I know from real life, forums or chat but they’re all very different and separate groups. I may talk about my blogs on those forums and via IM but I don’t bring them up in chat. I’ve been apart of the same general chat community for a decade now and I make icons but aside from my icon site, don’t discuss my blogs. Furthermore, I rarely discuss my icons or icon site to anyone outside of that community.

I play games with Ryan and friends and participate in very specific communities for those games but not in gaming communities/forums/chat overall. I’ve always felt like I play MapleStory or Mario Kart but I’m not really a gamer. I also don’t tend to mention icons, blogs, reviews et cetera when playing games. I only make the briefest of mentions of those games to my general communities, too.

Meanwhile, I roleplay and that is completely separate from everything else.

Of course, my reviews and blogging tend to go hand in hand, especially now that I have a review site. Plus, it’s semi related to giveaway hopping as I’m hosting my own and sort of use entering as a way to spread the link to my review site (when I remember) but it’s not a readily apparent connection at first.

And, unless you click through to my blogs from status updates on Myspace of Facebook, you’d never realize how involved I am with the internet. I don’t know what it means or if it’s good or bad but it does sometimes feel like I have to flip a switch and go into “review mode” or “blogging mode” or “chatting mode” and leave the other interests at the door. Perhaps I simply have too much on my plate or is that how everyone does it?

So, if all is quiet on this front it’s likely not because I’m not doing anything. In fact, the opposite is true. I’m probably working on other projects, participating in communities and forums across the net, playing gamings and writing dozens of reviews. They’re just not relevant to the way I see this blog. Unless you want to hear crazy chat adventures and listen to my go on about giveaways, which I guess I can. In the meantime, here’s some cats.


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  2. OMG soooo cute!! I want them!

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