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Feb 20

I am in love.

I mean, I guess I kinda am, but this isn’t about that.

This post is about my new phone, the HTC Desire. Or Desiree as Facebook calls it because I can’t type “desire” without it tagging her.

I ordered the phone on Thursday morning and it showed up on Friday, Valentine’s Day. What a very sweet gift. I was worried that I wouldn’t love it because the specs aren’t necessarily amazing. They’re not even on par with the Galaxy S III, which V Mo also sells. But at $160, this phone was affordable and an upgrade.

And even if the numbers didn’t seem that impressive, the performance really is nicer. It’s not laggy. Multitasking works better. Many apps that didn’t work well on my One V do now, and it’s compatible with more apps. The smoothness is just so refreshing. NFC, the font-facing cam and dual front speakers are also awesome.

I actually wasn’t super impressed with the app drawer/launcher. HTC has focused on other things, so I went back to Smart Launcher. I just discovered it, and it is smart. It’s intuitive. I love it.

I’ve just completed a workaround to use Android emoticons, which HTC doesn’t seem to like. In the process, I discovered that I’ll get the update for KitKat, which is awesome!

I wish I could take a picture, but the only camera I have is my phone.

Which I will love forever and ever and you can’t stop me so nyeh.


6 comments on “I am in love.”

  1. Congrats on the new phone! I’ve heard good things about the HTC Desire, so I’m glad to read it’s treating you well. <3

  2. I’m totally awesome. :D Can’t spell my name with out Desire, and your phone knows you desire me ;).

    Seriously though, congrats on the upgrade. I recall when you got your Kindle and you were like “Da’fuck, I will hate this…” then BAM loved it. So I imagine it’s similar to a “specs aren’t too cool but…. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!” :D

  3. It totally is. Also, no one notified me of this comment. Boo!

  4. It super is. And it was the cheapest it’s EVER been. I had been keeping an eagle eye out. And I snatched it up like a predator.

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