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Dec 01

I am horrible at relaxing

I decided to take a day off. One day per week is all I allot myself when I do decide that it’s okay to take a day off. I was successful, at first. I changed from PJs into roommate-appropriate PJs. I crawled out of bed, onto the sofa. I flipped on the TV. I tried to watch Ratotouille but.. something happened.

I stopped watching TV to do dishes, put my laundry in the washer, clean the floor around the garbage can, tidy and clean the kitchen counters and top of the stove. I almost successfully returned to doing nothing when I sat back down to play some MapleStory but after being disconnected, I hopped in the shower, which then prompted another series of things that looking nothing at all like relaxing: shaving my legs, cleaning the sink (so I can put shower stuff in it to clean the shower), wiping down the toilet, cleaning the shower, switching out the towels, refolding all the towels in my bathroom cabinet and Febreezing the living room furniture.

I swear I’m done now but that’s only because vacuuming is rude at midnight and I’m out of Lysol wipes.

3 comments on “I am horrible at relaxing”

  1. Dez

    I find it difficult to do nothing but relax as well, despite the fact that I spend a majority of my time on the internet. I’m usually doing something like working on Daydreamz or my site. I’m also up and down cleaning things up in the house.

    However when I do get things done that bother me, such as dishes, I find myself more relaxed than I was before because it’s done.

  2. Lol, tell our neighbor that it’s rude to vacuum at midnight, it don’t stop them though haha. But i can see you are a go getter, and when there is something you see that needs to get done, you do it, even on your days off. But you should try to relax as much as you can before you burn out. Once you burn out, yikes!

    Although i have to admit, it’s a great feeling after the cleaning is done, just a weight off the shoulders if you get my meaning!

  3. Sadly, cleaning doesn’t lift a weight off my shoulders. There’s always something else to be done. I run in a constant state of anxiety.

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