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May 13

I am alone

Quite literally, too. today is the senior class trip (to a Brewer’s game)on which I did not go, but many people did. Lots of seniors who didn’t go just stayed home. Sitting in resource and neither Karissa, nor Wendy, nor Ashe is here. My first 3 classes were practically empty. It leaves the school quieter and it’s almost eery. Without no one to talk to I feel as though the whole day will be something of an uncomfortable silence.

I am hungry and i have chemistry that I should do, but you know me: I put things off to the last minute. Any day now I should be getting a call from Family Dollar. -crosses fingers* I really need that job.

I didn’t go to the ceremony last night, but I guess I got like 3 scholarships. Go Cole.. or something. There were some academic medals, too. I haven’t received one of those for a while. -blinks*

My hands smell like this lotion I used that is not quite pleasant. -wrinkles nose* Yea, I have nothing more to say.

I love Rian.

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