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May 22

I am a bum

Well, except for the living on the streets and all, I am not accomplishing much in the real world! I don’t mind so far. Maybe Ryan does?

However, in the land of the internet I have accomplished quite a few feats. My new site – Reviews by Cole – has had some cosmetic work done and I feel it’s been paying off. I also just cleaned up all the pages of dark links so there’s none broken and a few new. Have any suggestions? Let me know here.

There’s some behind the scenes work going on. I discovered Google‘s webmaster tools and will hopefully improve my search engine rankings by doing some optimization and removing a silly little robots.txt file I had long forgotten about that was doing more harm than good.

Unfortunately, I am dragging my cyberfeet when it comes to WordPress. I just can’t make myself do what needs to be done! Instead, I’m doing things like chatting, playing ghost online and roleplaying!

At least I’m content, eh?

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