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Oct 31

Hurry Up and Wait

I recently filled out an application toward the college program I want to take – Funeral Service – as well as FAFSA. However, it doesn’t seem like I’ll really qualify for any financial aid because of how much Ryan made last year which, mostly, seems to be due to the living allowance he got for being overseas which shouldn’t count in my opinion. Really, it exists to provide an equivalent style of living to those in most expensive areas and overseas where there is a different currency.

I think I really was cutting it close when it came to filling out the application so we’ll see if I get in and, if so, how soon I can enter the program. I was hoping for January so that I could use financial aid for the next semester but, the way things are looking, I’ll have to pay a lot no matter what. Ick.

I’m also planning on flying home next month, for Thanksgiving. It will be awesome to see Mom’s new house, no vehicle and, of course, Samantha!

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