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Mar 28

Hurry Back to the Land of the Living

Actually, I’m not quite sure that the internet can be called the land of the living but I am alive and doing fairly well. Don’t expect much from me in the coming weeks as I’m busy seeing friends and family, shopping, eating at American restaurants and being terrorized by my 5 year old sister.

I did make it safely and without a whole lot of to-do although my last flight was delayed over 3 hours and I was seriously worried about it being canceled but it wasn’t!

I hope you all had a nice Easter, if you celebrated. Samantha is still high on the mounds of candy she received though she was nice enough to give me some. Our house was full of typical family drama which I would rather avoid but I suppose it comes with the territory.

Samantha is on spring break this weak and I have the pleasure of being babysitter; I will be so glad once she returns to school even if it’s only several hours a day! -lol-

More later!

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