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Oct 10

how sad..

I found out a girl at school killed herself.. She was friends with one of my friends who is pretty upset, understandably. I just don’t know how a person can feel like they have absolutely no one to talk to or nothing to do to feel better.. Well yes, I do know, because I have been there, but now it seems so far away because I do have people to talk to. I can’t believe how her family and friends were not there for her. Maybe they couldn’t tell? Maybe they didn’t care? Its like a lost art, and I find it so hard to believe!

I also find it shocking that with counselors in this school she didn’t go talk to someone. Your life is worth more than your pride, and I pity anyone who does not realize this! I know if I were in that position I would talk, because I have been there and keeping it all inside only makes it worse – so if you’re looking for any type of resolution that isn’t one.

-sigh* It’s just so sad. What I find even worse is that no one seems to know.. You’d imagine at school they’d let people know if this upset them and she was their friend they can go to the guidance office and talk to someone.. They also need to be telling people that if they feel like this there is someone to talk to, there are ways to deal, and it can

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