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Feb 01

Honey Do This

For the first time I can recall, I am writing Ryan a Honey-Do list. It feels silly and sweet at the same time. Have you ever written or received a Honey-Do list or do you communicate these things verbally? If you write lists or notes, do you personalize them?

4 comments on “Honey Do This”

  1. You really wanna know what my Honey-do list is? It is usually a text message or an email, a little bit before what needs to get done. Otherwise Adan will forget.

  2. I write Honey-Do lists! My husband forgets crap left and right if I just tell him verbally, and since we text back and forth so much, it’s easy to miss out on a “please do this” text. So I write up little post-its and leave them on his desk. He thinks it’s cute, and he’s great about getting it all done!

    Psst, I just blogged about this:

  3. What is a honey to do list? Like a normal to-do list?

    Will check out Jenns link :)

  4. It’s a to-do list which plays on the phrase “Honey, do this”

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