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Sep 02

Holy shit, it’s September!

This has been a busy couple of  weeks for me. Things have happened. Things don’t normally happen, I guess. I sit on the computer and chat and play Facebook games and whatnot, because I’ve nothing better to do. When I disappear? It’s usually because something is happening and I have no time or energy to discuss it. I guess that’s funny.

I started packing a couple weeks ago, a box or two here and there. I cleared out all the unnecessary stuff. I shipped things off to better homes. I donated a few items. I made good use of my duffle bags and luggage. I Tetrised the shit out of life, you guys. I was more than ready to move on Wednesay, even though none of the people who I thought could help me move were able to. Instead, I rangled up some old friends and family, and we got it all done.

Things got a late start, though, because my landlord had misinformed me of key pickup date. She had to send her teenaged son and the two of us had a hell of a time getting my apartment door to open. I eventually did, dropped off the cats and headed back to the old place. Upon my return, my friends and family had almost finished getting all of my stuff into the truck. The trek to my new apartment was short. I’m no more than five miles away. It feels longer, though, but that’s how things feel in this metropolis. We’re pretty spread out.

Getting everything in took no more time; although, we had some trouble finding screws for furniture and the toilet paper (ha!). As promised, I bought pizza for everyone. Mom raided her beer fridge, and my young, male friends were happy. Ben and David stayed to put up curtains and pictures after everyone else slowly filed out. My apartment started feeling cozy. I could imagine myself entertaining even though I still don’t have a TV (a loaner will be forced upon me, however).

I do want to post pictures once I’ve cleaned out the rest of the boxes. Truly, there aren’t so many left. I’m pretty good at this moving stuff (but I wish I weren’t).

I had to return to the old apartment to clean, which was a hassle that really had nothing to do with my own planning abilities. We’re waiting to do the walk-through, about which I am slightly worried. Despite my efforts to fix them, we wound up trying to replace the blinds in my bedroom. However, the existing brackets are ridiculous. Blinds are supposed to be interchangeable, but these were definitely problematic. However, I’ll be happy as long as we get most of the deposit back.

I’m trying to settle into the new life, but it’s difficult. Phantom is being whiny and needy, and I’m still sharing my abode. Some unexpected heat has also caught up with my tired and sore self; although, my apartment is pretty good at cooling off at night. I’m excited for this new chapter in my life, I just wish the old one would close already.

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