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Jun 09

Here and There

The “here” is Dessert Public Library, a two roomed facade not-so-aptly named with only around 5 rows of books but, yes, it does have computers connected to the internet so I can’t complain that much – now can I? I can’t explain the name but what else can you expect of Mosinee? It’s the hole in the wall kind of town, just shy of 5,000 residents with picturesque blocks still reminiscent of the olden-days and nothing better to do than walk to Piggly Wiggly, the one and only grocery store.

It’s a nice place, though. Small and hickick, but nice nonetheless. And I’ll be able to go to Sami’s grad party tomorrow night with Fernie (yay!) and my aunt Liz isn’t charging me to stay so I can lounge around being a jobless bum – for now at least.

Sunday we’ll pick up my aunt Grace, Maria (a family friend) and head down to Rapids, home of the grandparents, deposit some boxes in their basement and then have the Grandparents hop into their vehicle and lead us to my aunt Becky’s house in Milwaukee. Enough
aunts for you, yet? Don’t worry, I have 3 more. Becky is the most important in this equation because a)she looks like Dr Weir from Stargate: Atlantis and b) she doesn’t really like to be called Becky. (It’s Rebeccaaaaaaaaaaa!)

Nothing of much significance except that I miss having my computer, am acomplishing a lot of reading (Terry Goodkind’s Chainfire and Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys), have rented quite a few movies (Lady and the Tramp, Tristan and Isolde, Fun With Dick and Jane, Nanny Mcphee, Wedding Crashers and, finally, Big Momma’s House 2) and am drinking waaaay too much Mt. Dew.

I have, happy, rediscovered makeup and have done a find job of making myself up these last few days. Along with my wonderfully sexy new purple sunglasses and my newly discovered “sex kitten hair” I must say I am quite the vixen and could easily put Mariylon Monroe to shame. My apologies Miss M, but it’s just the truth. ;)

I have actually taken quite a few pictures of myself and many have come out quite nice; of course, they’re all stored in the digital camera with no way for me to connect it to a computer so they will stay in that format until I am settled in Milwaukee and, hopefully, that will be sooner rather than later.

Samantha is, quite possibly, the cutest little girl I’ve ever known and, no, I am not biased just because she’s my little sister – I’ll have you know that I thought she was a horrendously ugly little baby, but no longer. Not only does she have a great face and cascading long brunette curls but she says adorable things such as “You can count on me, Cole!” Granted, it’s a little annoying after the 87th time but I know she means well I am going to miss her terribly. )=

With that, my lovelies, I leave you.

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