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Nov 22

Hello Hello

hearing: Lennon(music) and the wind
feeling: dirty

Just a little update. I know it’s been a while. I started reading Eragon as an illegal e-book a while ago. I figured it looked interesting and the movie looks decent, too, so it was a place to start.

While browsing through gobs and gobs of illegal e-books I took the time to download quite a few more, including much of the Narnia series. I remember reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe in elementary school but I’m not entirely sure we finished it. As it is a classic, I figure it doesn’t hurt to read.

We went to look for furry rodent type things at the petshop at the mall off base but they didn’t have anything so I might just find an old warehouse and steal a rat. Kidding, about that but I was a little disappointed.

We did, however, get this cute Nightmare Before Christmas clock. It’s an analog clock with Jack and Sally figures “behind” it and there legs move like a pendulum, or they would if I knew how to make them work. -l- I think I’ll make Rian take a picture so that I can show the world.

We’re slowly adding domestic type things to the place. I think that after I start working, I’ll start adding “womanly” decorative touches as the place is pretty bare as it is. That’s okay for now but, in the long run, I’ll want to spruce it up.

The weather has been rather crappy lately. It’s either drizzling rain or blowing insanely and while I don’t much mind the rain, when I hear the wind outside it makes it feel like the world is extremely desolate and lonely and makes my mood a little more blah than it otherwise might be.

I’ve been posting at forums more as of late so why don’t you waste some time with me, too? At all of these I go as anaesthetic.

Lavish JRI Tape Reservation Road

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