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Jan 12


I’m going to sound like an advertisement, but I will risk it!

I love Winamp 5! It looks good and works even better. At fist I thought there were a ton of new features, but really they’re just wya better laid out. It’s much easier to use, and the basic interface it much cooler too. It gets better; you can use your old skins! ^_^ So I think you should all go download Winamp 5 now!

Tonight we’re going to a financial aid meeting and mom’s curling her hair and stuff. So Tim and I were making fun of her. We’re mean, I know, but it’s so much fun. Piglet’s being a little weirdo again. Mom and Tim went to his mom’s house so I watched her. She laughs so much when the dogs are being silly or fighting. It’s cute, but I do not think she is the cutest baby in the world. However, she may be the heaviest one. I cannot holdher for long anymore without switching arms.

Maybe I’m just getting weaker. Anyway here are some pictures of the kid for you. She took the first one herself when she was pressing buttons.
I also updated my pictures.
And here are some pictures of the bootiful heather. She paid me to scan them but I figured you should see her too!

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