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Sep 20

Have you ever coughed so hard it hurt your arms?

Well I have. I seem be alone in this one. It’s usually related to a pretty common thing, however.

You know how sometimes you swallow your spit wrong? It goes down the wrong tube. And you feel like you’re choking and the only thing you can do is cough until you get that one really big cough?

And then you’re all better.

But in the meantime, you look like a moron if anyone else is around because, like, what the hell is wrong with you?

Yea, I hate that.

And when that happens and the really big cough make my arms hurt.

That sucks, too.

4 comments on “Have you ever coughed so hard it hurt your arms?”

  1. Ha ha I do that too, and you end up in some kind of coughing fit…

  2. KK

    I just did that. I sniffed while I was eating and sucked some rice up my wind pipe. I had a coughing fit until I coughed it up. Then my arms hurt like I had an electric current ran through them to my hands. Now they feel like I had a workout and they are really sore. Got on line to see if I could find out what happened.

  3. As far as I know, it’s due to coughing hard and using muscles all over your body.

  4. I just recently had that experiance as well! I had to google it to see if I too was alone on this one. I’m not so sure it’s a muscle strain as both of my arms were relaxed at the time, but it deffinatly wasn’t pleasent. Strange. At least I’m not alone!

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