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Nov 21


Thursday Threesome

Onesome: Holiday Sweets– What is your favorite holiday sweet? You know, the one you only really can get your hands on once a year? Mom’s chocolate pretzels are pretty good.. Guess I don’t have a favourite.

Twosome: Recipe– …and can you get the recipe for it? …or is this one of those closely guarded family secrets handed down mother to daughter. …and hey? What about us guys? How are we ever supposed to figure out how to do this stuff? …or should we even try? It’s not hard.. Even I could do it..

Threesome: Exchange– But if you do have that recipe and you can bear to share, why not stop over at the exchange and drop it off? Barring that: do you routinely exchange sweets at holiday time? Yeah? What kinds?No I don’t…

The Thursday Thumb-Twiddler

1. If you were offered a 60-second slot during the Superbowl to say or promote anything you wanted, how would you use that time? I don’t know, I’d probably say something about open mindedness, understanding, and acceptance.. Or maybe invite everyone to a party..

2. Besides the Thursday Thumb Twiddler, what else did you think would last longer than it did? Er, I don’t really know..

3. If you could say good-bye to someone you never got a chance to, who would it be. Jason

Thursday Three

1. Name three things you couldn’t live without?Rian, my music, my comp

2. If you had to choose one of those things what would it be? Choose to what?

3. Name three things you could live without? Valarya, Mr. Fischer, and other stupid people

Three for Thursday

1. What would be the first 3 things you’d do for other people? I’d have a house built for mom and Tim, buy one for grace, and

2. What would be the first 3 things you’d do for yourself?well id erm get my license, buy more clothes, and go see rian

3. What would be the first 3 things you’d do to your enemies?nothing.

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