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Dec 30

Happy Tuesday!

Okay so it’s only like 45 minutes into the day but I woke up at like 11. -lol* See Ashley(best friend) spent the night and we played games and video games and stuff and it was fun, but when she fell asleep I wasn’t tired so I wound up staying up all night. After she left (1 ish) I finally fell asleep. I was woke up by Ashe calling cause she wanted me to get up and come over because Mel and Ben were there. I talked to Ben and it was fun; I miss him. I wanted to go over there but I’m so dead tired! So they let me sleep.

I really love spending time with Ashley because I don’t see her nearly enough and when we went to the same schools I’d see her daily then talk to her on the phone afterward. Now I’d feel silly calling her to talk about those daily things. =\ Oh well. She wants me to go to college in Chicago. Oh, which reminds me. I was accepted into the International Academy of Design and Technology.

So now I need ot decide whether to go there or Collins. Collins would be closer to a certain someone but I don’t think I should let that affect my decision. Then again I shouldn’t let Ashley affect my decision either. At both places I’ll be living in apartments and have to work a part time job at least. I’ll be going to school for the same thing. I know people in Chicago whereas I know no one in Arizona. That can be pretty scary. If you can’t tell I’m just debating with myself here, so I’ll stop. d=

Speakingo f jobs I put in an application to do tutoring for little kids through school. It’s not much but it is something.

I think it’s also about time to change the layout, don’t you? This one’s nice but it wasn’t my best effort. I did little to a picture that was already awesome. i’m also getting sick of the “nice layout” comments because people from Provance are not supposed to comment like that. It shows you didn’t read my blog, or if you’re not interested you didn’t take time to read anything else on the site to comment about. -rme* Gee, thanks!

Anyway I’m going to take a long awaited shower. Look for the new layout, but first I’ll put up some more pictures of me and of my Christmas stuffs!

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