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May 31

Happy birthday to me!

27 feels… like that much closer to 30. On a bad day I feel like a complete failure. On a good day, I feel like there’s no way tomorrow can beat right now. I hope that my birthday falls somewhere in between.

I share my day of birth with three friends, two of which are pretty close friends. I have some awesome plans. People are coming out of town to see me. Everything is falling into place!

If, by chance, you want to get my something, you should have been paying attention these last few weeks. Here’s what you missed:

  • The only keychain I had broke after 9 or so years.
  • I just bought a PS3 with only a few games.
  • Similarly, I hooked up my SNES and Nintendo and have few games for those.
  • I haven’t seen The Lion King or Monsters Inc for at least a year each because I do not own those movies.
  • My pedicure is looking awful.
  • I’ve been super stressed. I sure could use a massage.
  • Both my domains are up for renewal soon.
  • I keep breaking my drinking glasses  (and my silverware!).
  • I need a nude bra.
  • I’m worried about alcohol levels for my party.
  • I’ve been having trouble making cupcakes out of rum chata.

Really, I’ve been dropping hints left and right that I didn’t even know I was. You haven’t been listening? I SMITE you. I can do this, you see.

It’s my birthday!!

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