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Sep 28

Happy Birthday Ashley!

I called her and she said she was going down to the mall and asked me to come with, so I walked down there and got some bourbon chicken; waited for them. Her idea of 25 minutes is a bit off. -laughs* Anyway we went to Hot Topic and Spencers… Penneys and Yonkers are hiring but I didn’t pic up applications.. Not that we had time – they got there 15 minutes before the mall closed. Hot Topic has this awesome Jack Skellington shirt with red glitter. -drools*

Then they went to Subway – they have this picture/map of NYC on their walls – it’s so cool! They ate and I had a Mt. Dew and then we went out to Kohl’s. Ashley bought a sweater and some shoes.. Her mom bought a lot more stuff for about the same price.. They don’t have my red fishnet shirt anymore )= Oh well.. I really need a job; I picked up an application for there and I already have it filled out! -hopes*

I need ot go study for my math test tomorrow; wish me luck!


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