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Sep 17

Hangin’ Around

Ive been hanging around this town on a corner
Ive been bummin around this old town for way too long
Ive been hanging around this town on a corner
Ive been bummin around this old town for way too long

Really, relaxation hasn’t been key these past few days. Friday we finally moved into our apartment, after I finished a paper for my psychology class and submitted it to my teacher. both things provided a bit of excitement for me. Of course, I had been waiting quite impatiently to move and it seemed like the day would never come but it finally has! I also shared some of those same feelings when it came to going back to school but I am no longer not doing anything with my life! yay!

Really, we didn’t have that many belongings to move in so after planting my luggage down, I continued to read. I recently finished The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan so I have begun to reread The Death Gate Cycle by Weis/Hickman. I’d forgotten how fast reading those books were (and short compared to the Robert Jordan books) and I’m really glad that I enjoy them as I did when I first read them in high school.

Sunday introduced the presence of our brand new bedroom set which is still gorgeous and I will be enjoying for many years to come. Unfortunately, lack of mattresses has been a bit of an issue so we’re still using the air mattress until tomorrow night.

Yesterday left me exhausted and sore after unpacking most of our stuff that was delivered. Save for a few boxes I still need to go through, the only thing left packed are things were don’t yet have space for. I have a neat little idea for furniture that will really make the dinging room wall more useful for us. I definitely need more drawers because the kitchen doesn’t have nearly enough.

Today wasn’t much better when it comes to exhaustion. I put together our desk without instructions, from memory; I called and requested them but didn’t find them in my e-mail until well after I was done. with a little logical guessing, I think I did a decent job. Ryan was quite surprised, I believe “awed” was the word he used for my workmanship. Hehe.

But today was also a blessing as cable, phone and internet were installed all relatively quickly and without hassle even if we do have a big cable box and the workers didn’t come until 2 hours after they told us. I’m grateful to be back online even if I still have to deal with the laptop for a couple more days.

Thursday, when our unaccompanied baggage arrives, will be the last shipment and we will definitely be able to relax and enjoy our home. It’s not quite as nice as I remember it from viewing but it certainly beats out other apartments we saw and it’s really shaping up as we add furniture. After the staples are taken care of, I can’t wait to tackle the decor; I definitely have some ideas!

I love how large my bathroom is and all the storage space in there. It’s been too long since I actually had drawers and counter space but the shelving is really the icing on the cake! Plus, 2 closets in the main room as well as a walk in bedroom closet are something I didn’t find in any other apartments we looked at and I knew we’d need a lot of storage space because we had 4 closets and an extra bedroom in Misawa.

Things are really going to quiet down soon and I’m not sure if I’ll be relieved or disappointed. I guess you’ll have to hang around. ;)

2 comments on “Hangin’ Around”

  1. Ohhh, yay for having the internet installed successfully! I don’t know how long I could go without internet before going really bored.

    But I’m glad that your move went fairly well, sounds like it went off without a hitch!

    And in response to your comment, I was talking about sex, not pregnancy. :P

  2. hey about that tutoring thing, you don’t have to be certified, all you have to do apply, do their little training and viola you’re in!

    BTW thanks for visiting :)

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