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Jan 15


[edit]Problem solved[/edit]

With that said Ed doesn’t want to go down to Chicago until Saturday morning because he wants Shelly to go with. I like her and all but I don’t want to have to sit through a 4.5 hour drive with
them being there – as a couple. Yes, I’m weird.

I’m still not going to school tomorrow.

Oh! Our phone line doesn’t work. When you pick up a phone it sounds like there’s someone hooked up on the other end. It rings when someone calls but the caller ID doesn’t work and when we pick up we can’t talk. So everytime it rang tonight it was uber annoying.

Apparently Charter did an overhall and some 15,000 customers were left without phone service.

-lmfao* But I wonder why cable and the net still worked? Hmm

I’m still home even though I should be right outside Chicago but we’re leaving uber early tomorrow morning.

Last night I woke up with one horrible nosebleed and it was so gross. I felt it bleeding and I went into the den and grabbed some tissues. I cleaned up a bit and went back to bed only to wake up to it bleeding again. We need a new humidifier cause Samantha broke ours. I hate dry winter air.

Here’s some more questions
Q: he wants to eat a Cole away
A: Who cares?!

Q: Is female ejaculation really urine?
A: No and I think you could get this information someplace else.

Q: What’s up with ur scroll bar and frame there?
A: It’s a div, not a frame. d= Anyway people are too fucking stupid to comment in the right place despite me having told them countless times. Soo I set it up so that blogger would only display one post per page. It has to work. Plus it’ll work better for the next layout.

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