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Apr 26

Gov’t Conspiracy!

I’ve uploaded a new song for you to download here.

Did you know that my favourite park in all of Wausau is one without swings? How can that be, you ask?! Simple: it has a great view. I love that little park which overlooks the Wisconsin river, of of Stuart Avenue. I can’t recall the name but it’s such a nice place to stop.

I took a walk today for, what else, food. It might be silly but there’s nothing material which comes close to bringing me the pleasure that Mt Dew and bourbon chicken do. I just appreciate rich tastes, I think.

On my way I stopped at said park. The girl leaning against the brown poll and sitting on the short, stone wall whose stones had had the vision of wooden grains in her stocking feet because her boots were kicked off several feet away, was me. It was delightful.

It’s such a beautiful day today and I long to be out while the sun shines, to take walks and go places and spend time with people and laugh and smile and be in touch with nature rather than locked in this prison, my bedroom, all the time. Alas, damned third shift!

But as time progressed, June is coming sooner. Ashley and I packed up a box of her stuff and I’ll add more to that so that, when the lease is up, Wendy and I won’t have much to pack up besides our stuff. We could probably make due with paper plates and plastic cups, even, to make it easier. Hey, that’s a good idea!

Speaking of Wendy – I miss her. I miss my fun, silly, childish, cute Wenny the wainbow wemur. -sigh* Moving in with people, is not such a good idea. First because my friends don’t make the best roommates and secondly because it’s so difficult to be mean to them when need be and last, because I’m always looking for someone to blame, someone with whom I can be angry and I take this out on my friends-become-roommates. I don’t know who’s right anymore, or even if anyone should be right.

I hope after this is all done, we can go back to being good friends because I am most certain she’s avoiding me. I knocked on her door to ask her to pay the bills, and she did so as I was rummaging in my room for stamps and I came back to her door shut tightly and the checks on the table.

I missed the mailman and ran out of stamps, anyway. Than I took a quick walk to the grocery store to buy stamps (I had to buy something else to get cash back first, anyway) and their stamp machine is broken! A fine time, I tell you. But browing the USPS web site I found some reaaaallly cute stamps: here and here. I’ll have to buy stamps from the machine at work tonight to mail our bills in, sort of , on time but I can buy these for later.

It is sleepy time soon!

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