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Aug 23

Gotta Shop Around

And boy, have I (we) been shopping. Definitely related to my previous Weekly WrapUp post but money has been a priority lately.

First it was heading to about 8 car places from large, well known dealerships to tiny corner lots until finding the car that suited us best which wound up being a brand we had never considered (Suzuki) and a model of which I’d never heard (Forenza); funny how things happen.

Next it was visiting dozens of apartment complexes from the run-down and ghetto variety that we simply drove on by to the wonderfully new, large and homey on which we finally settled. That application is in and, assuming we get it, I will be able to move on September 12.

Of course, with the move comes the fact that most of our Earthly possessions are somewhere in the world, hopefully making their way to us and we need to add a bedroom set which will be another large chunk of money. I think we’ll be doing that sometime next week to take advantage of a pre-Labor Day sale and then pay off our mattresses as well.

And while females are said to love spending money, I have certainly seen more apartments than I can specifically recall, talked to more pushy salesmen and browsed more potential furniture than I ever care to do again. Luckily, all these purchases should last us for years so I won’t have to!

To end with some good news, I received my school books today, from MATC, and at the end of this month I will officially be a college student, if only online. I really wanted to make that happen this fall and it is happening. I’m happy to finally be starting school.

In May, when many of the people with whom I attended high school graduated, I really felt horrible. I had planned to take 1 year off to work and here I was, 4 years later, still not back in school. It has really been weighing on my mind heavily and I can finally know that I’m taking a step forward, to better my future, and not fear that I’ll never go to school. So yay for me!

One comment on “Gotta Shop Around”

  1. sick of looking at diff apartments, eh? try looking at so many houses that your eyes want to bug out and you can’t keep each place seperate enough to try to make a decision. so glad that mess is finally taken care of. we love our new home and guess all the looking around was well worth what we end up getting. i wanted to wish you a belated welcome back to the ‘States =)

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