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Aug 12

Good Times!

A number of things have happened recently which make my quite the happy camper.

For starters, I am counting down the days until I get to see Rian (6 days now!) and anticipating the time we will be spent together, some of which will be here, some in San Antonio with his family, some in Wausau with my family (where my mom has offered to pay for us to rent a car and we will be able to get a discount at the hotel where she works because we’re family) but most of the time here. However, while here we’ll have Wendy staying for a week or so and celebrate our anniversary late at a hotel. (=

Also I am very excited because, for the first time since I moved, Samantha talked to me on the phone last night and she told me she loves me which is only the second time she’s said that. You cannot believe how happy that makes me and I am so anxious to see that little girl. I don’t know if this has to do with the fact that I’m coming home and that makes he be less angry with me or maybe it’s because I pretended to cry on the phone when she wouldn’t talk to me. -chuckles* But I’m super happy and when Mom called today, I could hear Samantha in the background begging to talk to me, so she did. ^_^ Also, I cannot wait to give her the little Dora the Explorer snowglobe I bought for her.

But Samantha isn’t the only reason I’m looking forward to going to Wausau; I get bourbon chicken! YES! I’ve missed that so much. I’m planning a “bourbon chicken party” with all my friends to see them at once and catch up. And I kind miss Mom too, but don’t tell.

Another great thing happened yesterday. My old friend Val(Jetta) from Ozpark e-mailed me and it was great to hear from her as well. It’s great to catch up with her; we used to be super close and talk every day but she’s a busy lady with her children and work.

Also, Wendy’s friend bailed on her which means she has 2 tickets to the Family Values Tour and no one with whom to go so she asked me. Of course we’d have to ask Rian and buy another ticker because it takes place when they’ll both be staying with me but I figured, why not, it’s a decent line up and something to do. The only roadblock we have is that we don’t really have a way there (Wendy’s friend was her ride) so we’re contemplating renting a car for a day or so. I wonder i f any local radio stations would have a bus or something going but I don’t know where to look, really. We’ll see.

On another note, today my friend Christina called to tell me she’d gotten engaged to the guy she’s been dating since earlier this year. I had a chance to meet him and while he was quite, he seemed okay. For some reason I’m much more excited for her than Ashley and, while I feel bad, I don’t feel so bad anymore. I guess Ashley hasn’t been keeping Christina updated about the wedding, either.

At this point, I think I could go to Japan and join Rian before the wedding but, of course, the problem is I’m supposed to be in the wedding and I’ve already backed down as Ashley’s matron of honour (because I don’t believe in the relationship) and I’d feel bad going but I don’t want to stay, nor do I have the money as Rian and I had decide I didn’t really need a job if I can go so much sooner. So I have to have a big talk with Ashley but, of course, she never calls me or anything. Bleh.

Speaking of calling, once in Wausau I’ll be able to get a new cell phone. I broke the screen on mine a few weeks ago and while I can receive and make phone calls, I cannot use anything via the screen (phone book, alarm, texts, etc). Unfortunately, my cell phone carrier doesn’t have any offices further south than Marathon County so I’ve had to wait to replace it.

So that is about all my good news for the day. -grins*

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  1. omfg yay I shook Kyo’s hand!

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