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Jan 03

Good Stuff

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Things have been good, y’know? Well you don’t. With Rian’s “holiday vacation,” if you will, we’ve had a the chance just to spend time with each other and unwind. It’s been mostly low key, and comfortable, fun and silly.

Though we’re certainly seen our shares of downs, I can laugh so much when I am with him. Sometimes my face hurts from smiling. He’s such an absolutely adorable dork and, granted, he can get on my nerves (but I am not a very tolerant person) but sometimes it takes everything I have not to launch myself at him in a glomp or some sort of surprise sex attack.

Sometimes I forget how happy we can be and I’m extremely appreciative of this reminder. You have no idea.

So you’d think I’d be in bed with him right now wouldn’t you? Yea, I’d like to, really, but I can’t sleep worth a damn with him. )= I hate it. I just want to curl up in his arms and fall asleep peacefully but my mind races on and I’m kept awake but his every little movement and breath. I think, perhaps, that I need stronger sleeping pills – not that I’m taking mine now.

So, I wind up sleeping a ridiculous schedule and even when I finally do fall asleep, I wake up frequently. 8 hours later, I feel like I’ve just lay down and am not any more refreshed. But, in Milwaukee my sleep was poor as well. Perhaps that’s just my lot in life.

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