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May 04

Going Out With a Bang

I didn’t go out with a bang so much. no, work went out with a bang or, rather, it sent me out with what seemed like a bullet to the stomach. My last day was horrible.

Underlying it all was the unbearable heat in the cage. I’d say it wagers from 20 – a million degrees hotter in there than the rest of the club and out doors. Unfortunately, it’s a glassed in room with no circulation. I literally would be dripping sweat unless I was sitting directly in front of the fan, not moving at all. It’s probably issue enough to arise health concerns but no one seems to give a damn at all. This made me miserable.

It also gave me a headache. For some reason, heat like that makes my mouth dry and causes my jaw to hurt which turns into a headache. I know it probably sounds like whining when I say “OMG it’s hot in there” and use it as part of my reason to quit but if you worked there, you’d understand.

I awoke with my back hurting and although this eventually subsides, I found myself having new pains during the day: cramps. Now, I haven’t had cramps or even a period for some time because of my IUD so I wasn’t expecting it at all. In fact I assumed it couldn’t even be my period and didn’t check until I accidentally noticed while flushing the toilet. Nice one, ovaries.

Now on top of those two things I experienced the usual feast-or-famine deal with customers which means I either have a bunch at once or none – for hours. I’m not a person who takes being bored very well, especially when a proxy blocks all the good sites at work. After checking in on a few forums, I was bored out of my skull for the entire day while being physically uncomfortable. Nothing like having time on your hands to think about being miserable.

Besides that, nothing went horribly wrong except for the fact that my eyes were bigger than my stomach when it came to ordering lunch – I had a fajita and a sandwich. I ate the former and had no room for the latter. I wound up tossing most of it because it quickly became disgusitng sitting in the heat of the cage. This made me a bit sad.

I’m really glad to be done with that place, though!

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