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Oct 01

Going Gruene

To Gruene, Texas that is. We woke up early on Tuesday so we headed out to Gruene. I think I blogged about it last time but it’s a little historic town, northeast of San Antonio and we enjoyed it. We actually intended to buy some candles because they made some really neat ones but the shop which we bought them at was closed. We still bought a couple things, had lunch and generally enjoyed our time there. On the way back, we headed to a cupcake shop in San Antonio (red velvet for me, chocolate for him) and came home to find out mail problem seems to be solved. Finally! I had 4 or so packages waiting for me and I’m sure Etsy and Ebay sellers were more than anxious for me to leave them feedback. So, sorry about that, not my fault!

We intended to finish off the night with NCIS but Samantha called and, because I’m so awesome, everyone wanted a piece of me and there was drama. It was eventful and productive, overall, though. I hope we have more cool-ish days like that so we can do stuff.

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