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Sep 29

Get ready for some bitching

I’ve spent like the last hour giving a “real women have curves” lecture, and I realize I believe it. W00t! You can’t touch these curves baybee! Now the thing is young girls are SO obsessed with losing just 10 more pounds, well it doesn’t stop there hunny.. It can become a huge problem, a life threatening problem and that “It won’t happen to me” attitude is BS. You can’t compare yourself to a model who has has 8 million dollars worth of plastic surgery and has 8 different makeup artists on their heels every day. If we all spent money like that we’d look perfect 24/7 too.. But here’s a thought, they’re too skinny anyway.. Real women have curves, and curves are sexy.. And JLo does not have curves, she could gain 20 pounds or so.. And you can diet all you want – most of it’s not healthy and doesn’t work.. You need exercise and balanced meals.. I know

I’m not one to talk, but what does everyone seem to think there’s a miracle cure? Earth to you, there isn’t! And being -that- skinny isn’t pretty, and guys like a little meat! Wow, what a concept! Jesus people have no idea what fat is! Who cares about 10 pounds if you’re healthy? I have curves and you know I think I just may like them.


And everyone acts like I’m pulling this out of my ass. Ha. It’s great!

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