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Sep 18

Fuck apple!

hearing: people and cars
feeling: dirty
wanting: food and a shower

What the fuck is this piece of shit? And why is everyone so excited about it? They took the Ipod Mini, made it suckier, smaller and are now charging more and this is a good thing? Bullshit. I want my money’s worth, don’t you?

Additionally, this is one time when bigger may just be better. I can imagine losing that thing the first day. It’s just ridiculous but not nearly as ridiculous as..

Bratz, the dolls, having their own “band” and music videos. No shit. I was walking past electronics the other day and they now have this TV which plays clips of music videos and advertises music, games, etc. I’m looking at it, and there is a CGI music video for Bratz! WTF?! They are not real. They are dolls and it’s bad enough they have their own movies but music is really crossing the line. They’re trying to ‘sell’ (and by sell I mean not monetarily but rather to make this crap appealing to the public) this shit to us, and I bet there’s people out there eating it right up. Cripes.

Anyway, I’m working on a new section and some new pages which I’ll introduce when I’m finished. I don’t imagine it will take all that long, actually.


I saw something else I’ve been wanting to add to this post: Dirt Devil Junior “Play”set. It consists of little plastic squirt bottles and cheap paperboard “boxes” containing things like dusting mitts. It also comes with a functional mop, broom and dustpan and no cleaning “play” set would be complete without an apron, mop bucket, sponges (which come in coloured shapes), a scrubber, hand broom, “Wet Floor” sign and vacuum. God. Toys are for fun! What is this crap? Steve from BTS/Stationary says its for girls to learn what they need to know when they’re older. Funny… not.

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