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Jan 23


I was typing up this entry and I accidentally closed the window. Grr!

I am cold because Ginger and I just walked home from school (we both only had the first exam today and now I’m done! Yay!). Even though we called mom and she said John was coming to pick us up, he never showed. After 25 minutes of waiting we left because he should have been there in 5 minutes or so. He probably went back to sleep because mom called him after I got home and no one answered!

I’m glad I’m done with my exams but I’m going to miss some of the class. I think I did pretty well in the classes I had exams in except for Chemistry. I probably got a B or a C but the exam wasn’t easy. I did do my note card and looked over the book for 2 hours, but I lost to review packet (I don’t know how since I almost never lose things for class anymore! )=) so I didn’t have that to study from.

Brit Lit was fun, I love to read and I’m going to be well read unlike some people. The teacher was nice and while it was a bit of a slacker class it was a lot of fun with Holly, Beth, Erin, Sammy etc! I’m going to miss Econ only because we learned so many interesting and important things. The teacher was a bitch and most of the students were too. Small animals and pets was a waste of my time. -rme* It was always fun in advanced comp because the boys did so much stupid shit. Heh.

Well Jen graduated now and she starts college on Monda.y I had to force her to let me hug her yesterday. )= But I know she’s all nice and stuff on the inside. (=

I might do something with Ashley today, I don’t know.

As for net things I updated the content and opened a new fanlisting: Lita Ford.
I will also be updating my collective.
I am also not-so-diligently working on the icon site as I go. It’s really improved!
I’m going to go read or something now.

And for the Friday Five

At this moment, what is your favorite…

1. …song?
Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar
2. …food?
Bourbon chicken
3. …tv show?
Three’s Company
4. …scent?
Rudy’s Cologne
5. …quote?
If I were a guy and you were a guy and he were a chick I wouldn’t fuck him with your dick.. Or.. I looked down and there I was – not on top!

And some plugs

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