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Sep 21

Frustrations Abound

To start: if you read any of this post, this is it!

After we shipped off my computer. I signed onto AIM on the laptop and was met with an empty buddylist. Not just 1 in fact, but all of my linked lists were empty. Gone. This was not of any doing of my own as I certainly would not have the patience to delete around 200 buddies and I don’t really have the desire to.

I had the same issue with every other computer I used and resigned myself to hoping that once I was back on my computer, my buddylist would be intact or I would somehow be able to get it back.

Well, it wasn’t and I couldn’t. So, if you were on my AIM list or even if you just want to be now, let me know your name.

My second frustration is something which has been solved to a point: my bathroom. I thought the tub was leaking because there was always a huge puddle on the floor after we showered. It appeared to be coming from under the tub which was alarming and strange. I called the office and they put in a call for maintenance.

A few days later maintenance shows up and the guy says it’s coming not from under the tub, but from the side of the tub (near the faucet) and water was dripping down onto the side and dripping onto the floor from there. I was dubious but he went ahead and put in a little bracket thing on the side of the tub to stop it, told e to wait 4 hour before I used the tub and I did.

Now, we have been putting up with the worst-shower-head-ever! EVER! Instead of water shooting out as a reasonable speed and distance, it simply falls straight down from the head. This resulted in us having to stand no more than 6 inches away from the shower wall. This only furthered our puddle because the water from the shower was basically going right onto the side of the tub and down onto the floor, creating our big puddle.

So the bracket does seem to help, a bit. Even though I waited over 5 hours, when I took a shower the water that got on the bracket made the sealant leak in a little white puddle. So I have been wrapping the shower liner around into the shower and using water suction to stick it to the shower wall which seems to work more than the bracket itself.

The one saving grace of the bathroom is that we have now purchased a new showed head with more pressure that shoots out much straighter and further than the old one. It also has different settings which I don’t much care for but it’s a plus anyway.

Sadly, there’s still 1 more thing wrong with the bathroom: lately the chain inside the toilet tank keeps falling off so you can’t flush. Now, the toilet tank itself isn’t as dirty as the bowl but I’d still prefer not to have to stick my arm in there if I don’t have to. In fact, I even dreamt about it the other night. Ugh.

MY last frustration is certainly the biggest. Remember my new phone? Stylish? Cute? Small? Mine? Yea, well I’ve had some issues.

I have returned it twice because, eventually, the instant messaging feature has stopped working. While it certainly won’t kill me, I think I should be able to use all the features the phone has. The first two times it took about a week to stop working, even though it worked fine directly out of the store. Yesterday I called tech support for my second phone, tried to reset and when that didn’t help, they told me to return it which I did.

Last night, already, the IM feature stopped working on my third phone. T-Mobile’s policy is that I can do an alternative exchange or upgrade after 3 returns for the issue but, honestly, there’s no other phone I like as much, so I don’t really want to do an alternative exchange.

Unfortunately, since the software was put on it by T-Mobile, Nokia can be of no help. Even worse, TMobile tech support and store associates have no idea what’s going on. To add insult to injury, Ryan has the exact same phone and has not had any of the problems I have.

Instead of exchanging, I thought I would find an application online to use instead of the one provided by TMobile. Unfortunately, the TMobile settings block all third party applications so I can’t even do that, it seems. I think I am stuck trying to debrand the phone myself and, if that fails, paying them to unlock it to see if that will help.

Ugh. I really enjoy the phone besides this one issue which I keep running into and it only frustrates me that it just seems to be me having it. What am I doing wrong?

3 comments on “Frustrations Abound”

  1. Oh wow, that really sucks that the IM stopped working. :( I mean, third phone of the same type and it just doesn’t work for you? There’s just something faulty there.

    I remember switching computers and then installing AIM onto the new one and then poof, buddylist gone. I don’t think I ever recovered everyone onto it either, whoops!

  2. try having a shower where the temp is so fucked up that you have to “preheat” for about 5 mins. 1st time when we 1st moved in, it was just lukewarm. that was resolved to where it is hotter, but still not to how i like it. its redickerlous, i shouldn’t have to “preheat” my damn shower. i want my motherfucking HOT water, peoples… ;) eh, the crap i have to deal with.

  3. Dez

    Just wanted to let you know I’m passing you a blogging award because I think your blog is super awesome…

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