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May 16

Friday Night

hearing: Third Eye Blind
feeling: Hot
wanting: Something to drink
First Wendy needed clothes and Lary got all bitchy about how she wasn’t going to drive to her dad’s house because gas prices are expensive and she was ranting about why Wendy couldn’t drive when she has a license and a car to use whenever she wants. However, I think that even if her parents say she can use the car it doesn’t mean it’ll be available or whatnot, and I don’t think she can take it to school or use it for hours on end. So Lary basically made Wendy sound incompetent and I didn’t know what to say or do.

Once we get to her house I’m shocked because these guys must be loaded. I think they built their house and it’s insanely clean to the point where it doesn’t look like anyone lives in it, and they have like no TV’s. At least, I didn’t see any. The living room is full of plants and it seems like they try to remove any signs of human life. The kitchen has these weird cupboards that are like 7 feet in the air above the normal cupboards and I have no idea how anyone can reach them.

So Lary basically locks us up in her room with her computer and Wendy and I talk for a bit because it’s odd for her to just leave, you know? She returns and at some point she gets all upset because her mom was being a bitch and she was angry with her hair. I think her mom speaks to her a bit condescendingly, so we no longer have to wonder from whence it comes.

Okay. So eventually Lary comes in practically in tears in her “something’s obviously wrong but since it’s not apparent so I look like an idiot” way. And I tried to tell her to calm down and breathe so we could have fun tonight, but she made it into how I was telling her to just get over her problems, which I wasn’t.

Eventually she dresses and I do her hair. That part was really cool. She put in a messy bun and I used this toxic gel stuff to put the ends into spikes which were hazardous to everyone’s health. Wendy said that she looked like the stature of liberty, and I concur.

So finally her mom comes back with a pizza, we eat a few pieces, and then take the rest into the car so we can go. We drive there with like Mapquest directions, and it’s all going pretty okay. Then we get there and grab a place in the line and Wendy’s cousin is behind us but she never says hi. -laughs* We see Ashley G. and talk to her a bit. Wendy also sees some friend from Newman whom Lary obviously hates and whines about. I feel odd because I hate when people see their friends and don’t introduce me.

We get in there and get up pretty close. The first band was kinda nu metalish and I didn’t like them much, but everyone else did. I should mention that because of my height I can’t see anything. )= The crowd isn’t too packed toward the front, but ironically the moshing starts with like the first band and so does the body surfing, neither of which can I stand. The mosh pit would spring up randomly for like 3 minutes then dissipate and appear again someplace else. Had it stayed in one place the whole time I would have been fine with it, but it seemed to start around me, or very close to me every time. Eventually I started shoving and throwing elbows when they fucking hit me.

I really liked the second band and thought they had an awesome sound. They were more hard rock with jazz, rap and pop influences, and they’re British. XD The singer, was hot too. They had the best stage presence in my opinion.

Then Cold comes on and I think I missed it. The guys weren’t very energetic, but the crowd was. As soon as they started the crowd became much tighter as everyone crammed together. Wenny and I were split up from Lary and I kept trying not to lose her in the crowd, but with the pit springing up around us, it was difficult. I couldn’t breathe or move and that’s when it started becoming painful. The energy of the crowd was great, but it was so hard to get into the music. Plus my pants kept falling.

I think when one gets as big as they are, it’s good enough to just be performing and they forget to have energy on stage, but it was good. I think the song selection was kinda sucky, and I would have liked some of their slower ones that I could get into and not die from… Then Sevendust came on and their show was the same as last year’s. It was more about the music and the crowd than them having a good performance. Eventually Wendy and I just pulled out, got a drink, and went more toward the back. That was better because I could see, move,and breathe and that’s when I really got into it with head banging and rock handing. BTW, my neck hates me.

Lary found us and told us to find her near the bathrooms after the show and I was fine with that, but when Sevendust ended they came out to play a few more songs and Lary showed up and was all “OMG I broke a rib.” Wendy and I were a little dubious, to say the least. So apparently whilst we were split up, Lary met a guy, kissed him, moshed, and went crowd surfing. -rme*

So all the way home she’s bitching about this guy named Matt who lives in Wausau and is 20 and she’s determined to go through yearbooks to find his last name and call him, only we all know it will never work.

We stop at county market, and see Mr Lee! He’s all gangsta looking with the backwards hat or something. We talk to him a bit then go in and get soda. But I don’t spend the $5 that I found on the floor at the concert. The cashier was some black guy who kept hitting on Lary in a sweet/creepy way. He said Wendy was 15 and Lary stopped him talking before he guess how old I was. -lmfao* She was all “I broke a rib” and he was “I can take a few minutes off and drive you to the hospital” It was creepy.

We get to Wendy’s and while they take showers, I can’t because I have no clothes and I’m tired anyway so after some cheetoh’s and a dew I fall asleep on the love seat downstairs. Now Wendy’s house is nice. It’s newer but not too huge, and the kind of house I think I’d like when I’m growed up. Lary’s house just made me feel poor, really poor. I judge people by their houses, it’s weird. Ours is so old, and small, and crappy. It’s like 110 years old, I guess.

Anyway, I snored a lot because I was tired and I could tell. We woke up on and off, and I couldn’t stay up until I smelled bacon and we went upstairs and Wendy’s mom had made us bacon and waffles. And earlier in the morning she made us chocolate chip cookies and brought them down while they were still warm with MILK IN A BAG!

So we ate and then Wendy’s sister came over, and she actually introduced me. Then Lary went home, Wendy and I hung out a bit, and then her mom drove me home.

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