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Mar 12

Friday Five, Questions, ETC

Friday Five
1. What was the last song you heard? Poison by Alice Cooper

2. What were the last two movies you saw? Well I know I watched the Emperor’s New Groove sometime this week, but I don’t really remember.

3. What were the last three things you purchased? School lunches and sodas.

4. What four things do you need to do this weekend?Talk to Rian, do my chemistry, delete Alicia’s personal site, update my hostees page.

5. Who are the last five people you talked to?Mrs. Farmer, Mr. Keunen, Piglet, Mr. Lee, Mom


Q: strip
A: Are you asking me? Chances are I’ll say no unless you’re a hot chick, my shower, or Rian.

Q: do giraffes chew on licorice?
A: No! Duh! They eat leaves. Tall ones, too.

Q: why does my comp fucking suck
A: ‘Cause it’s old.

Q: what is love
A: Love is a chemical reaction in the brain that makes people do stupid stuff. Love is listed here on Love is a high and you feel that you’ll never come down, but sometimes you do and you crash so hard that you feel like you may never rise again. Love is wonderful and horrible. Love makes you laugh, cry, smile, give, take, bitch, rant, and gush. Love is everything and nothing. Love makes the world go round, yet it makes your heart stop beating. Love is life and death. Love is acceptance and love is blind. Love is indefinable.

Q: what is marriage
A: Marriage is a legal union between two individuals. They may be marrying for love or for reasons known only to them. Often these two people feel they are in love but truly are not, thus marriage ends in divorce. Marriage is a reason to hide your sexuality and stop wondering. Marriage is when sexual desires are ignored because people are afraid of experimenting. Marriage is when you learn to hate the people your spouse loves most. Marriage is a bond that should only be strong because the bond that was already there is just being recognized, not created. Instead, marriage is a weak bond that says what was there is not good enough and only will be good enough once it is announced and made legal. Marriage is phony.

Q: how does love feel
A: Love feels wonderful, great, euphoric, horrible, depressing, saddening, desperate, happy, confusing, tortures, yearnful, and murderous all at the same time. How it feels changes with what one’s current love condition is. To me, love makes my heart beat faster and puts a smile on my face. I feel happy, safe, reassured, and complete. Sometimes I feel worried, jealous, inadequate, and angry but I always feel that it’s worth it.

Q: what am i for?
A: You are for your parents to show off and live through. You are for people to look up to, and down on. You are for teachers to have statistics and friends to lean on. You are for lovers to cherish and enemies to hate. You are for feeling and living and eating and being a consumer. You make the companies happy. You are for doing labour only to be paid too little to late. You are for people to judge. You are for the gods to mock. You are for English teachers to teach that one should not end a sentence in a preposition.

Q: who am I?
A: You are you, as I am I.

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