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Feb 27

Free Reign

So, Ryan basically said if there is anything I want to do to the house, I should do it while he’s gone because he has no control. This is fine with my even though it’s not like I wouldn’t have done something I really want when he is here. LOL But I’m not really rushing to do anything. I do want some shelves but don’t want to have to ask my father in law to pick them up in his truck so I don’t even know if I’ll get around to that.

On the other hand, we were looking for a coffee table when we first moved in but eventually decided that because of the space we have and the way the living room is set up, we don’t really need one and we’ve done without thus far.

I still want to add something to the walls in the bedroom which are pretty bare; I wanted to do some fabric art but I just never got around to buying the fabric (I did find some great stuff on Etsy) or supplies especially because Ryan was never really excited about the idea. Though, I suppose if he’s gone, it might be perfect timing to do that now, huh?

Another option we have might be to get an area rug or 2 area rugs. Especially in the living room, a rug might help define space better without taking up space but I wouldn’t even know how I would go in terms of colour because I am not a big fan of our furniture despite the fact that it’s the colour scheme I am working with (I did get a matching mirror a while back which I do like but I would love to get the furniture reupholstered eventually). I’d also only really be interested in cheap rugs because we are trying to save money. Plus, I’d still have that transportation issue so I don’t think I’ll buy any rugs soon.. but I probably will do some bedroom art.

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