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Jan 18

Forward This!

Dear friends and family,
I would like to invite you to check out Snopes investigates and debunks many popular urban legends such as the ones found in numerous e-mail forwards. In addition to this, Snopes investigates fraudulent and email scams that spread rapidly through inboxes all over the internet.

So whether it’s a dying girl, a Nigerian business proposal, a lost child or a super cool image (promised after your send to X amount of people), an unbelievable picture (which has undoubtedly been Photoshopped or a way to scam (“raise money for X cause”) money from Bill Gates, you can check its validity at And if it’s not there yet? Submit it and let them figure it out.

Unfortunately, you cannot believe all you see, especially online. While some causes may tug at our heartstrings or we may see things that show the best (or worst) of people and want to get behind the cause, often the story is far from what really happened (like the game telephone) and forwards are well honed over time, becoming works of art. Even if a story has names, dates and addresses which may seem real, the people often do not exist or, if they do, have nothing to do with it.

So please, if you must forward, do so with prudence. For all our sakes, please.

2 comments on “Forward This!”

  1. My dumb coworkers tried to get smart by attaching the “according to” thing to the top of the message.

    Only, there’s no such article on snopes! Lies, all of them.

  2. Snopes is freakin’ awesome! My husband read through the entire website a few years ago, and now we both check back every little bit to see what’s new.
    And any time we hear of something we’re not certain of the truth of, our first suggestion to each other is, “Check and see what Snopes says!”

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