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Oct 31

For all the things you gave to me

Thank you for always making me feel beautiful, like it was never a competition and even when I didn’t feel beautiful myself. Somehow, you always made me feel like, when you looked at me, you saw something I would like in the mirror.

And thank you for always respecting my space, my privacy, my anxiety. Thank you for never taking it personally when I needed alone time but, even more..

Thank you for knowing when what I truly needed wasn’t what I thought I wanted. You ignored those arbitrary rules when they weren’t helping me. You made our into a hugging friendship and because of that, I had someone to hug when I really needed it.

I appreciate that you were one of the best friends that I ever had during one of the most difficult times of my life. You never asked for anyone in return, and you never judged the decisions I made, even when they were wrong. Yet, you were always there to listen to my heart’s cries.

Thank you for dinners and movies and drinks and video games and countless minutes spent watching YouTube videos.

Thank you for the late-night phone calls, for putting up with cat pictures and my silly jokes, for loving every dorky part of me. For cuddles when I needed them the most and showing up at my door at midnight to wipe away the tears.

You’ll never know how much I appreciate your easy way, your requests for confirmation, even though we both know I absolutely did want you to continue.

Thank you for honoring my strange requests without judgment and for pushing me far enough to fully be myself.

I am forever grateful for you, the safest place I’ve ever known in my life.



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