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Jun 22

Follow Me!

That’s right, I’m now a member of Twitter so you can follow me! It’s just one of my many technological advances as of late.

I adjusted it so that site updates will appear on my Twitter so you should keep and eye open for that. You can also follow my site from any feed reader or add it to your iGoogle accounts. Click here or, if you’re using Firefox, click the RSS icon in the address bar. I know I don’t advertise the fact that I have a feed very well, but that will change with the next layout.

Twitter is a site which allows you to microblog, that is post a tiny entry about what’s going on in your world today. It’s similar to the “status” you can set on many sites and programs.

With that in mind, I’d like to say something that isn’t “micro.” It took me a long time to join Twitter. What finally site me off was a good friend joined and we weren’t in contact as much as I’d like so I thought it might be a good idea. (Ironically, now we’re talking almost daily!) However, my first thoughts were more along the line of “Oh great, another site. Do we really need this?”

No “we” don’t. If you want to know what’s going on with me you can stop by my blog (you’re here), visit my profiles on Myspace or MSN, check my MSN status or actually do something to talk to me like chat with me, e-mail me, IM me, or send me a private message one 1 of any number of sites of which I am a member. Hell, you could technically call or write me, too! Everyone whom I know online is signed up to at least 1 of those services, if not more (or all!) and the few people in my life who aren’t, are not likely to join Twitter.

So, honestly, no, Twitter is not necessary. It’s just another site to forget to update. It’s not another e-mail in my inbox (or junk folder). It’s just another account waiting to be forgotten. It’s just another way to avoid human contact.

I think the latter is my biggest issue. Twitter and, to some degree, Myspace and Facebook and every other “social” website on the heels of this Web2.0 “movement” feign that they exist to bring you together when all they do is make you feel like it. Honestly, these sites are all really good at bringing together all the people I can’t bring myself to talk to on a daily basis. And Twitter? Twitter goes on step further. It exists solely so you can check up on a person without asking them “Hey, Bob, how does it today?”

But, whatever. Bob, let me know on Twitter and I’ll follow you, okay?

Now for the more below. I’ve been feeling kinda techy what with my upgrade to Firefox 3 and search for Ryan’s super-gaming-computer that he’ll purchase sometimes-in-the-not-so-distant-future and all the time I’ve spent blogging (here and at Reviews by Cole) and doing blogging related endeavours like signing up for EntraCard.

I was a bit disappointed in Firefox, to begin with. Previously, I wasn’t using any sort of theme besides the default. I always have my Windows theme colours customized and this was enough for me. Everyone raved about how the new default theme for FF was so awesome and good looking but it looked awful for me! I can’t really lay my finger on the specific change. Needless to say, I’m not using a theme which doesn’t -quite- match my Windows theme and I’m a bit saddened.

Firefox also introduced a bunch of features – mostly revolving around bookmarks – that would have been nice had I had them 2 years ago but now that I’ve been making due and have become set in my browsing ways, adjusting to these might be more hassle than it’s worth.

I do think it has improved in performance, however. I’m still waiting for some of my add-ons to be upgraded so that I can use them. In the mean time, I found out that Twitterfox seems to be causing a lot of issues with Firefox 3 and I took the time to add a nifty little add on called AutoFill Forms which does exactly as it states; this is awesome for signing up for sites and using plug boards.

Not much to say about the computer shopping extra I think we’re going with this one I found at NewEgg. Coincidentally, I ran across a contest to win an awesome gaming computer from HubCanada; unfortunately it’s only for Canadian residents but if you are one, check it out.

This shopping definitely makes me want to do some more upgrading on my PC (DVD drive and more RAM) as well as get a Notebook (in red, that’s all I know that I want LOL) but that will have to wait.

Reviews by Cole is still going and, as for EntreCards, I’ll be posting about that service on my review blog shortly so stay tuned.

One comment on “Follow Me!”

  1. Nik

    Can you believe it? I FINALLY got my butt to your site! Butt? Or fingers? I’m thinking more along the lines of fingers, now that I proof my thoughts.

    Truth be told, I have no idea what a twitter is, so I obviously don’t have one.

    I love the layout on your site right now. It’s a sexy color scheme.

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