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Jul 30

File this under “Drama”

I might make references to names and places with which/whom you are not familiar but this will probably be a pretty interesting read, so keep going anyway.

Today I recieved an IM from Randy, my ‘ex’ with whom I rarely speak. Why the quotes (which aren’t even quotes?) It was simply an internet thing and while it may have lasted some time, I eventually wisened up. Afterall, being 16 and writing to your boyfriend in prison just doesn’t look good on a resume. He was older, I was smitten. He gave me all of ihs attention and affections and nothing I did could be wrong.

In reality, he was desperate and I was flattered. I thought it was love but realized it wasn’t when he was locked up and cuold no longer give me what I wanted. I ended it and it was difficult because I’d never done that before but I went on, eventually to meet my husband and Randy and I talked infrequently – 1 or 2 phone calls and a few IM’s.

This was up until a couple months ago when he IM’d me. He told me he was getting married and I was nothing but happy for him because everyone deserves the right to be happy, don’t they? A few weeks later he was married and we chatted, or so I thought.

To make a long story short, much (possibly all?) of the time I was chatting with him I was chatting with his wife, Patricia who was pretending to be him because she wanted information. At first, I thought she was just jealous and psycho, as I’d heard from Randy’s and my mutual friends, but I learned otherwise.

She was seeking the truth because she was udner the impression that I have Randy’s twins because.. he told her so. I tried to explain just how impossible that would have been (we’d never met and I was still a virgin until Rian >_>). I did, probably exactly what she expected me to do, and denied everything. Finally, I told her she needed to sort things out with him because they wouldn’t have a happy marriage if they werent honest with eachother.

Now for today: He IM’s but, per usual, it’s her. Trying to be a do gooder, I tell “him” that his wife thinks I have his kids and he needs to tell her the truth because I don’t and I shouldn’t be involved in this drama. This is when “he” comes out and tells me it’s really her, she doesn’t know the truth and they’re getting divorced because of all the lies and because he tried to choke her.

Jesus fucking Christ, man. Hindsight really offers a new vantage point? That could’ve been me! I am so very lucky that I got out of that and ended it, even when he begged me not to. I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes.

Funny how life works out, isn’t it?

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