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May 13

Facts About Cats and Printers

I have cats, 2 of them. I also have a printer, surprisingly, with 2 cats. I have come to a few conclusions about the combination of cats and printers.

  • Cats are intrigued by printers.
  • Cats are also scared of printers.
  • Cats like to walk, jump and lie on printers regardless of any buttons they press, papers they knock off or mommies they discturb.
  • When cats jump off of printers, the force may knock the printer right off the desk.
  • When cats knock printers off desks, printers may not work quite as well afterward.

7 comments on “Facts About Cats and Printers”

  1. Haha :P

  2. Haha, that was really cute:D

  3. It sounds cute. It is slightly less cute to deal with.

  4. I have 5 cats. None of which are interested in my printer. =P

  5. @Angel: This explains why my cats are hyper interested! They are having the interest for your cats, too.

  6. Old post but I felt I should comment:

    My printer is TAPED TO THE TABLE. For a REASON. :D As should everything else in the house be since stuff gets knocked off shelves and tables once every two seconds, it seems…

    Yours Truly,
    Mommy of three hyperactive cats.

  7. @Jonna: I love it!

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