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Sep 25

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I meant to blog about this because it’s both humorous and almost tragic but just didn’t get around to it. The autumn weather has been extremely cool, windy and rainy these last few days so Friday I decided to take out my air conditioner – not because I wasn’t using it but because I was annoyed by the sound the wind made blowing in around it.

However, my windows are extremely heavy and I loosened my grip on the unit whilst opening the window which resulted in, of course, gravity being stronger than my hold on the air conditioner and pulling it out of the (fourth floor) window.

I stood there and watched, certain I’d just lost a $150 appliance but grasped at it desperately anyway and I caught it! I was quite surprised at this. I managed to pull it up by the side piece which is usually attached to the window (the accordion looking piece), and was sure that piece would break and the whole thing would fall, but it didn’t.

Amidst all this I did manage to get in the thought “I hope none of the neighbours across the alley can see this.” And I certainly hope no one did. -laughs* So, I pulled it up but air conditioners don’t really have a lot of hand holds so I had to wedge my fingers into the metal casing and the foil-y type part in back to pull it up.

I succeeded but, needless to say, my after inspection revealed some nasty little cuts and after dealing with those I discovered even more scrapes on my hands and arms. Add to that, my rib area right below my breast is very sore and swollen, though not bruised I think.

And the moral of the story is: I don’t have one.


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