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Mar 25


hearing: Mrs Eberlein
feeling: Cold
wanting: Mt Dew

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Well Yesterday I beat my record on comments. Yay.

Today is Ashe’s and Tim’s birthday. Tomorrow Ashe and I are going to have pie and then on Saturday she is having a birthday party thing.

I didn’t have my soda this morning and now I feel all weird. I think I’ll walk down to the Asian store and buy a can during lunch. It’s extremely humid and muggy out, though.

I had a French test today and I think I did all right. tomorrow I have a chemistry test and after I blog I need to finish my homework. I also have homework to do for World Lit and Yasha.

We’re making shirts in printmaking and I wanted to do some with the Cold spider, but I guess I cannot do that because it’s copyright infringement. I don’t understand how as I’m not making money off of it, nor am I claiming that it’s mine. I’m just making a shirt with it because I like the band. LC says is I add some other element that it will be okay, but I really don’t want to. -growls*

Last night I just wanted to sleep, but I had to call Jack. Then, Tim and I got into a discussion about Trig’s. They’ll be opening at the beginning of June and if I start cashiering there I’d just do it full time so I’d be making much more than I was at 29. They’re going to be open 24 hours so I think that will be pretty good business for them.

I need to go.

[edit]I fixed Ashe’s link. After school, Ed picked us up instead of John and then tutoring was a party type thing because the kids have off tomorrow. Although, it wasn’t much fun because I had a migraine and I think I’m starting my period. After tutoring Ed picked me up and we stopped at Burger King, which I hadn’t had for a while. We returned home and after I finished eating, I took a nap to try to get rid of my headache; it didn’t work.

Hmm, when I blogged earlier I mentioned something to Ashe that I wanted to add. Anyway, I added all my voting links back up under site, and I updated the past layouts.

Yesterday someone tried top “poison” a student teacher and some students, but I guess it was more along the lines of a practical joke. They obviously didn’t realize that the chemicals they took from the chemistry rooms were dangerous. -rme* Anyway, now we’re not allowed to cut through the science part of the school, which I always did. This year we’ve also had a broken window, a broken display case, a fire in the boys bathroom, vandalism there, too. And there’s still probably an expulsion every two weeks. Today there were cops near school at some house less than a block away. Svitak was there, too, and I’m thinking if I’m going to skip/smoke/get high I’d do it further from school than that.

I was just going to report the Provance users, and I accidentally reported two because I was looking at the sites I had to comment on, not the people who have to comment on mine.

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