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Apr 16

Edited on Tuesday, 20 april

hearing: Piglet hissing
feeling: cold
wanting: the damned modem

I hope that today the modem will come and then I’ll hook it up. I have so much I need to do but i’ll have to start by clearing of Tim’s computer. I know that his will also run so much better with DSL.

I can’t wait to be on a fast connection that does not kick me off every two minutes, and then take another 20 to sign back on. I’ll also be unvacationed from Provance, so I’ll see some new neat sites, and receive more comments. Actually, I’ve had a few comments from my friends/regulars. (= Thanks guys.

[edit] Modem came. It wasn’t supposed to come until Wednesday but the UPS guy showed up tonight, Tuesday. Only, we can’t hook it up until Friday. WTF[/edit]

I realized that when I blog I sound all matter of fact, so let me be a little emotional/sentimental. I loooove Rian, and he makes me happy. I also hate not being able to talk to him, but soon it will be back to normal and I’ll have to make up for our lost time. d=

[edit] And did you know he’s really hot? At least, I think so. -drools* Cole has a fucking hot boyfriend. [/edit]

I have a ton of questions that I have post, and members to add to all my fanlistings and cliques. It’s a bit of work, but it’s also fun to have active members. (=

[edit]You guys keep submitting stupid questions. It’s leading me to believe that you’re all morons.[/edit]

I’m going to spend a lot of time catching up on the stuff I missed on the forums I’m a member at.
Oh, well I need to go because I have to eat lunch and study for my Chemistry test next period. Wish me luck. I also hope that I did well on my English test yesterday. Mrs Eberlein made me type up the essay question because she cannot read my writing. -lol*

[edit]I did okay on the Chem test, just some dumb mistakes. I haven’t recieved my English test back, yet.[/edit]

PS Powell is a beast. She is one of the worst teacher’s I’ve ever had and I don’t even have her this semester.

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