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Apr 24


Minnie Mosaic

So DisneySea was a lot of fun. It makes up a little less than half of the Tokyo Disney Resort with the other features being Disneyland, Ikspiari, a shopping center, Bon Voyage, the largest collection if Disney merchandise anywhere in Japan and a handful of hotels.

Tokyo Disney Resort has been around for 25 years. Disneyland there is actually the oldest Disneyland outside of the United States. Interestingly enough, neither park is owned by Disney park, something no other Disney park can say. Anyway, the park was full of signs and attractions celebrating the 25th anniversary in bright, bold colours.

Globe and Fountain

I was simply amazed by the park, as I was with Disneyland but even moreso. These parks are both amazingly detailed bringing you into another place, not just showing it to you. It starts as soon as you enter the gate and see the giant rotating globe above a fountain of water with characters in gold decorating.

However, Disneysea is more geared toward the adults so princesses and Stitch have no place there. There are 7 themed areas known as ports (to follow the overall water theme): Mediterranean Harbour, American Waterfront, Mermaid Lagoon, Mystery Island, Arabian Coast, Lost River Delta and Port Discovery.

Mediterranean Harbour

The entrance leads you into Mediterranean Harbour, a gorgeous port with Venetian influence. Ryan and I rode the gondola through the harbour where I snapped many pictures including one of a pirate ship! Toward the end, our gondolier even sang a bit of a song though I couldn’t tell you what he said. I definitely would love to visit Venice/Italy someday!

Tower of Terror

We checked out the American Waterfront, a rustic imitation of early America – where I even convinced Ryan to join me on the Tower of Terror. Let me tell you, I was a bit terrified once I was actually strapped in but it wasn’t that bad. It’s not one continuous drop of 13 stories; you don’t even go all the way to the top! Still, feeling myself being lifted off the seat was a bit terrifying.

Ryan and the Crystal Skull Pedestal

Other highlights include the Indiana Jones Temple of the Crystal Skull ride which was inside a giant, amazing temple (of course). We were in a jeep-like ride on a track that bumped and jerked its way through the course. It featured an odd Japanese-speaking robotic Indiana who looked just like Harrison Ford, “poison darts” being blown at us and, of course, the large rock ball thingy.

Sinbad and Chandu

We also rode the StormRider in Port Discovery, the Electric Railway between Port Discovery and the American Railway, 20,000 Leagues Under the sea in Mystery Island and we saw Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage – a show you progress ‘though’ on a little river while in a boat. I especially liked seeing Sinbad’s tiger Chandu who was adorable!

Mickey Mouse

I’m happy to say I was finally able to see the characters and take picture of them, at least, if not with them. I tried to get one with Mickey but the crowd was crazy and girls were grabbing him before anyone else had a chance. I just don’t have it in me to compete with that!

We didn’t see any night time events, however; we chose to go home early as we’d been rained on all day and were quite wet by the time 5 o’clock rolled around and the early bus departed. I had hoped for nicer weather and the light mist in the morning wasn’t too bad but it eventually just became to much to continue walking around the park in the rain.

Pressed Coin

Of course, we did buy a few things before we left including some sweets for ourselves and a t-shirt for Samantha. Ryan even played a few games and, though he didn’t win, got some cute consolation prizes. I also have a few souvenir coins from the “coin pressing machines” to remember DisneySea by, though I doubt I’ll be forgetting it any time soon!

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  1. you must travel a lot. i would love to be able to do stuff like that. someday, i will go to europe! lol.

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