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Sep 19

Did you know?

I just thought I’d make a neighbourhood PSA (that’s public service announcement for those of you not “in the know”) that you no longer need any workarounds to access Hotmail e-mail from the client of your choice. For a long time I’d been using Hotmail Popper (free free version), until Hotmail recently changed how things work and it stopped working. From there, I switched to the Webmail/Hotmail plugins for Thunderbird which worked well for some time – until it stopped working for both of my Hotmail accounts. While trying to find a remedy for that situation, I discovered that you don’t even need a plugin because Hotmail actually does offer POP3 support – even though they keep telling me otherwise via annoying little announcements in my inbox.

Really, though, this is a good thing for a lot of people because Hotmail is such a popular provider. I just wish they hadn’t gone about it so “sneakily” so that people could actually know about it, you know?

Here’s how:

  • POP server: (Port 995)
  • POP SSL required? Yes )This means check SSL on Thunderbird)
  • User name: Your Windows Live ID, for example
  • Password: The password you usually use to sign in to Hotmail or Windows Live
  • SMTP server: (Port 25) {Note: If port 25 has been blocked in your network or by your ISP, you can set SMTP port to 587 with TLS or SSL Encryption depending on the client in use}
  • Authentication required? Yes (this matches your POP username and password)
  • TLS/SSL required? Yes

One comment on “Did you know?”

  1. Ah, interesting. I’ve since changed to gmail for various reasons but one of the reasons was because I wanted hotmail to work in Thunderbird.

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