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Aug 19

Defending Justin Bieber

I know, where did this come from, right?

Just hear me out.

Justin Bieber, if you did not know, is a teenaged pop star whose high-pitched vocals frequently grace the air waves against electronic and R&B backgrounds. He’s a huge hit with the tweens right now and it’s kind of hard to avoid him if you’re not a fan. The obsession means his picture is just as prevalent as his music and he has an interesting look. His long, side combed bangs and fashion sense owe more than a nod to some subculture that I never understand.

With that said, I don’t get why everyone hates him.

His voice is decent. Not amazing but pretty enough to listen to. Easy enough for me to sing along to, for the most part, which is a bit amusing in itself. The music is listenable and danceable. If you take it at face value, it’s marketable. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now, the fact that he only sings about love? It’s annoying. I get it. It’s why I don’t own any Taylor Swift CDs and, I must admit, even Taylor is a better lyricist than this guy and their ages are similar. But I don’t expect all musicians to be wonderful wordsmiths. In fact, many of the artists I listen to had some pretty awful lyrics, at one time or another.

Sometimes the R&B (cultural) influence are over the top. I hate the word “shawty” but, then again, if JayZ wanted to hook me up in the music business, I’d probably just go along with it, too, even if it meant I might be a little mass produced and less than original.

Ultimately, it’s more power to him. Sure, he may have had a helping hand in breaking out but that’s how the Internet has changed the music industry. I doubt he’ll be around forever but I can’t hate on a kid who is just enjoying himself and soaking up the glory.

And I think that’s exactly why people hate him. He’s not the best looking or most talented or smartest musician out there but he’s still rocking it and having fun in the mean time and people are just jealous. Age old story.

But c’mon people! Are you really going to be jealous of Justin Bieber?

5 comments on “Defending Justin Bieber”

  1. Whilst I myself have listened to lots of singers who can’t sing all that well, I just think he’s a little smug. Rather than being proud of his achievements and thankful that he’s doing so well despite being only marginally talented, he always looks (to me, anyway!) that he deserves it and that the world should bow at his feet. Maybe that’s just the way the record company shaped him (like how the Spice Girls were told to be abrasive, silly girlpower freaks etc) but I just don’t like the attitude of his act.

    Plus I think his music is rubbish, but personal preferences, hey?

    Rant over :D hehe.

  2. Ha ha ha, each to their own :P

  3. I don’t know anything about Bieber, but it’s crazy to throw stuff at him on stage. It’s dangerous!

  4. That’s funny, I think the same thing! lol. If you could have been a pop star and made that much money when you were 14 you probably would have done it right? All the power to him for being that adorable to 12 year olds lol. I think people just latch on to something when there’s nothing else to talk about and then it gets all thrown out of proportion. I personally don’t like his music, but I’m not the audience they’re going for. He’s definitely not the worst thing out there.

  5. Hell, I’d do it now!

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