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Oct 01

Deb made a funny!

Today is my cousin’s birthday and I found out she was having a party last night so I’m planning to go over there later and hopefully it will be fun. My aunt said she wanted a stuffed lamb so Fernie and I looked for one on lunch but couldn’t find one. However, later in the night, Fernie saw a little stuffed sheep which is a shopping card “hugger.” It’s a mini stuffed animal with a kind of necklace for a shopping card but I’m not sure it’s a sheep. This is how the conversation progressed:

Me to everyone else: Hey, is this a lamb?
Them: Let me see, etc.
Deb, holding it: It’s not a lamb
Ashley: It’s a lamb
Deb: No, it’s a sheep
Everyone else: laughter
Me: Deb, you know that a lamb is a baby sheep, right?
Deb, adamantly: No, it’s not!
Diane, holding it: It’s not a lamb, it’s a sheep because this is full grown and sheep don’t have pink (meaning the feet).
Me: And sheep DO?!


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