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Nov 13

Dear Mr. Trump

Mr Trump,

My 10-year-old cousin recently informed me that one of his classmates gleefully told him that you were going to “rape” my cousin and “cut off [his] penis” because he’s Asian. Presumably, this student is parroting someone — a parent, an older sibling, a teacher or another trusted adult in their lives — who supports you. Presumably, this person believes that you find these words and possibly those actions permissible if they don’t believe you outright encourage them.

Of course, there’s no way you could be knowledgeable about this specific incident, but it does paint a stark portrait of the currently-unraveling moral fabric of American society. While you claim to have no knowledge of any (increase in) such harassment during your recent 60 Minutes interview, you damn well should. In fact, I’d consider using your hallmark retort, “You’re fired!” in the direction of any an all staff on your social media team who hasn’t informed you of the current state of affairs.

Opening any social network will result in a barrage of posts from people — women, Muslims, Hispanics, African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans and members of the LGBTQ community to name just a few – who are on the receiving end of similar threats from those who believe your presidency will result in the removal of these people from their homes and communities and physical harm to their person.

I have heard stories of

  • Women being eyed up by strangers
  • Women being sexually assaulted
  • Women having their crotches grabbed
  • People being physically assaulted
  • Muslims having hijabs torn from their heads
  • Muslims having glass bottles thrown at them
  • Muslims being spat on
  • More people than ever feeling free to use the N word
  • Muslims having gasoline thrown on them
  • Teachers having to remove students of all ages for harassing and threatening other students
  • People being threatened with future rape, deportation and assault
  • Vandalism of religious sites where people of color attend

The possibility and promise of harm coming to people has forced Muslims to not wear hijabs and Democrats to remove bumper stickers lest someone use those artifacts to identify them as a target for whatever reason, even if that reason is completely bogus.

Anyone who looks remotely “brown” whether they’re Hispanic, Indian or Native American could be the next person assaulted or threatened as the hundreds upon hundreds of reports on sites like Why We’re Afraid depict. Even if those people are here legally or were born in the United States and have never known another home. Even if those people might actually be Trump supporters themselves; although, it’s not hard to see why so many of them aren’t.

So, President-Elect Trump, it’s not good enough for you to say you have no knowledge of these incidents. It’s not good enough for you to halfheartedly say people should leave Muslims and Hispanics alone. You must vocally let your followers know that you do not, have not and will not condone such actions. You must stand up for women, the LGBT community, Muslims, Jews people of color and anyone else who might find themselves at the ire of vociferous and dangerous Trump supporters.

And whether or not you condone these actions, your own actions have led people to believe that you do. Mr. Trump, there is a reason why people feel like it’s okay to act out like this now, and many of those people have used your name as an excuse for their poor behavior. You won the election, and it was like a switch was flipped. Bigots, racists, homophobes and other xenophobes suddenly felt the compulsion to threaten and assault other people.

What’s more, they felt they had permission to do so because you have won the presidential election.

It seems to me that you have a lot of power even now, months before you’ll be inaugurated, and if you truly want to bring this country together, you’ll take responsibility and use that power to take a stand against these actions.

But both you and I, Mr. Trump, know that you won’t.



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