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Nov 18


In true little brother fashion, Goliath takes after his big brother. Phantom has always slept in certain spots, usually right up against the wall. Goliath now does, too. Phantom started sleeping on top of the TV a few weeks ago; now Goliath tries to join.. but usually falls off because Phantom is the small, graceful one and Goliath is just big and awkward. Phantom used to live on top of the fridge a while back, until Goliath took it over. I think it’s cute but I’m pretty sure Lil P isn’t quite so thrilled. He always has to find new spots but sometimes I still find them curled up together and get a picture like this one:


2 comments on “Copycat”

  1. That is sooooo adorable!

  2. Awww so cute!!

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